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Den Andra Tigern (The Other Tiger)

Site-specific installation at Konsthall 1.0, Jönköping (SE) 2010

The installation was build up in relation to the architectural structure of the building and its place in public space.
Using light, projections and screen printed drawings on the frosted transparent acrylic glass windows of the building, the whole exhibition space was turned into a light box to be seen from the outside.
The slide rear projections resembled holograms which appeared and disappeared dependent on where the viewer was standing.
The 8 mm film (transferred to DVD), was rear-projected on the windows, in-between the pillars of the building and on top of a screen-printed drawing, making the film-images dived into parts in relation to the architectural structure of the exhibition space.



The Drawings
drawings screen-printed on frosted acrylic glass 106 x110 cm

Slide projections and 8 mm film

8 mm film and stills from the Birch Tree Forest (Gesture of Balance), rear projection on frosted acrylic glass